April 20: Collaborative & Proactive Solutions Training

As part of our Community Support Group membership, we provide an annual training in the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) approach developed by Dr. Ross W. Greene. This year’s training is being offered by Dr. Monica DeSchryver who has been working with us since the inception of the Community Support Group in 2008. She is a clinical psychologist and certified CPS provider in private practice. Additionally, Dr. DeSchryver consults with school districts across Long Island on behalf of our children and is well-known, not only for her skill, but for her warmth and kindheartedness!

CPS is a compassionate approach applicable to everyone! We all have different abilities and needs. Attending this interactive workshop, you will receive an overview of the CPS philosophy, learn how to recognize and improve lagging skills that often lead to challenging behavior, and find ways to resolve unsolved problems interfering with learning, relationships and more! Feel free to review and complete Dr. Greene’s Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems (ALSUP) sheet and bring it with you to the training.

Dr. Greene’s books include The Explosive Child, Lost at School and Raising Human Beings. He has continually worked to expand and clarify his description of CPS and his latest book helps readers to gain a broader understanding of what it means to raise children in a balanced way with influence and partnership while helping them to build real world skills. In the process, adults benefit from this approach, becoming “better human beings”.

Following this CPS training session, we will dedicate a full Community Support Group meeting (May 4th) to answer your specific questions as they relate to yourself, your family and/or your school.

Please complete our Community Support Group membership application. An annual donation is requested for participating adults (membership includes CPS Training). No fee for students. We welcome you to be part of our collaborative community!

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