Different Abilities Development Model

The Children’s Sangha philosophy combines civics (the rights and duties of citizenship) with ecopsychology (human interdependence with nature). We view civic responsibility as a form of stewardship for one another and the Earth. Our philosophy is based on our Different Abilities Development Model which is the thread running through all of the programs and consulting services within our organization’s two branches: The Long Island Progressive Education Alliance and A Place of Wonder.

The Children Sangha’s Different Abilities Development Model applies the principles of progressive education in considering the “whole person.” Within the model, children are recognized for their individual abilities, interests, ideas, needs, and cultural identities. Cultivating the “Different Abilities” of our youth is critical for their success and the betterment of our society, while intricately bound to the well-being of the Earth. Our programs and consulting services strive to bring Different Abilities to life! Our model is employed when working with all students.