March 23: IDALIB Conference – CPS with Dr. Ross Greene

Presented by the International Dyslexia Association Long Island Branch & Half Hollow Hills Special Education Parent Teacher Association, Dr. Ross Greene will provide an full-day workshop session to about his Collaborative Problem-Solving (CPS) approach here on Long Island! Community Support Group members should contact The Children’s Sangha to receive our group admission fee to Dr. Greene’s workshop!

CPS has transformed thinking and practices with dramatic reductions in adult-child conflict, challenging behaviors, disciplinary referrals, detentions, suspensions, and more! The model represents a significant departure from discipline-as-usual: it focuses on solving problems rather than on modifying behavior, emphasizes collaborative rather than unilateral solutions, encourages proactive rather than reactive intervention, de-emphasizes diagnostic categories, and provides practical, research-based tools for assessment and intervention. CPS is an approach that can be used with everyone as there is a range of behaviors that all children, young adults and adults exhibit.

REGISTER: International Dyslexia Association Long Island Branch

Those participating may be interested in the Community Support Group which The Children’s Sangha established in 2008 to assist families and schools in the implementation and use of Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS). The group is facilitated by Christine Keller with regular guidance offered by Dr. Monica DeSchryver and Dr. Lisa LoPinto. Spring 2018 dates are listed on our Program Schedule. We welcome you to be part of our collaborative community!

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