May 4: Community Support Group

As indicated in previous posts, the foundation of our Community Support Group (established in 2008) is the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) approach developed by Dr. Ross W. Greene geared to assist adults in solving problem situations with children/young adults while building lagging skills in the process.

CPS is an approach applicable to everyone! We all have different abilities and needs. Initially intended for parents and educators, we invite high school and college students to join our group to learn more. Young people can take this opportunity to see challenges through new lenses and learn how to solve problem situations that may be a cause of anxiety.

Connect with one another through open discussion and receive resource information and support.

Following the CPS training of April 20th, we will dedicate this Community Support Group meeting to answer your specific questions as they relate to yourself, your family and/or your school with the guidance of Dr. Lisa LoPinto.

Please complete our Community Support Group membership application. An annual donation is requested for participating adults (membership includes CPS Training). No fee for students. We welcome you to be part of our collaborative community!

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