November 30: Hewlett-Woodmere Schools Presentation

Christine Keller will present “Kids in the Middle: Cultivating Different Abilities to Foster Self-Determination and Resilience” at Hewlett-Woodmere SEPTA this month.

There is diversity in nature, and therefore in human nature. This diversity is revealed through individual abilities, ideas, interests, needs and cultural identities. Learners whose abilities are deemed “not typical” face many challenges in society including in today’s schools. These challenges can result in learned helplessness, low self-esteem and underachievement, particularly evident in “Kids in the Middle” which includes 2e students (those who are gifted with a learning disability or difference).

Christine Keller has developed and facilitated innovative community programs for “Kids in the Middle” who possess great strengths as well as areas of challenge. Christine will explain the importance of a “whole child” approach to teaching and learning in which a community of care, cooperation, and compassion enables children to find personal meaning, grow at their developmental pace, and cultivate a feeling of self-worth for who they are and how they learn through talent discovery, skill building and social development. Learn about five key ingredients for building self-determination and resilience in ALL students.

Interactive presentation with Q&A throughout. Resource information provided.

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