“Sangha” Means “Community”
The Supporting Roots of Community Enable Positive Growth For All

treeThe Children’s Sangha was established in 2005 by Christine Keller, M.A., M.S.Ed. Our mission is to plant the seeds of stewardship in children and young adults by deepening their understanding of themselves, others and nature, as well as fostering in adults the spirit of education and joys of the growing mind that they may cultivate it in our youth. We offer educational and nature based programs and consulting services for children, young adults, families, and schools, serving all of our youth but with particular focus on those whose abilities are often not being cultivated and needs not being fully met. IMAGINE… an education that challenges and inspires, honors your child’s individuality, nurtures mutual respect, fosters relationship building, connects community… an education without labels, without limits!

Our vision is inspired by the original “settlement houses” and progressive education movement of the early 20th century. Within this model, neighbor cared for neighbor and for the environment to which their sustenance was connected. The community would seek to ensure that all children receive the exemplary education that they deserve. A reciprocal relationship exists within a community in that working on behalf of one another we all flourish. Now at the beginning of the 21st century, The Children’s Sangha is weaving a “lifeway” vision to serve our communities. While learning from the wisdom of those who came before us, we provide innovative programs and consulting services while creating a unique concept for today’s suburban community through two avenues for collaboration and success: The Long Island Progressive Education Alliance and A Place of Wonder. These two branches of our organization are movements in their own right, working towards the educational and environmental well-being of our youth through a “whole-child” approach to teaching and learning. Discover more about our philosophy or Different Abilities Development Model.

[Art Courtesy of Carletto Del Monaco]

“They’ll be a community where joy is a way of life, where learning is the highest aim, where love is the ultimate goal.” —Patch Adams