Budget Proposal Impact on SUNY & CUNY

In addition to our local public schools, Governor Cuomo’s proposed budget and education reform measures will have negative impact on SUNY and CUNY schools and their students. The governor plans to slash campus budgets and the results are expected to include:

  • Tuition assistance (TAP, EOP) to be DEFUNDED
  • Student tuition to SKYROCKET
  • All of these actions LIMIT DIVERSITY in and ACCESS to SUNY
  • SUNY hospitals to be PRIVATIZED
  • Campuses will have to CHOOSE between faculty salary increases and academic programs

SUNY/CUNY faculty, students, staff, and alumni are coming together. There will be two meeting times at SUNY College at Old Westbury (NAB – Room 1100): Wednesday, April 1st and Thursday, April 2nd during Common Hour (12:00-1:00pm). The goal is to come up with a plan of action! See links below to learn more: