Civic Mentoring

Civic Mentoring is a 24-week program which is offered for 14-weeks during the Spring season and 10-weeks in the Fall. This program extends the experiences and skill building opportunities of our Project Stewardship young adult program as peer mentors work one on one with our young people in a variety of community settings. At the same time, program participants can generalize skills gained during Civic Mentoring while putting them into practice in our Project Stewardship group environment.

Mentoring is available one or two days per week, coordinated with parents/ caregivers and with our community partners for individual time slots, scheduled activities and community events. Our Skills Development Plan establishes goals to build a range of skills from executive function and social communications to leadership skills. Opportunities are also directed towards college and career preparation and readiness. Interests are the entry point… helping young people to find and follow their bliss!

Oversight and professional advising is provided by our Executive Director and Program Administrator. The application process enables appropriate matches to be made between mentor and mentee. Administrative tracking and seasonal assessments are conducted at which time, guidance services may be recommended for young adults and their families. Each season ends with a culmination activity to demonstrate knowledge gained.

College students interested in becoming a mentor should complete the Become a Civic Mentor Application.  Mentors will take part in formal training and participate in our Project Stewardship program for the duration of time spent mentoring one of our young adults in order to continue relationship building, develop insight and receive guidance.

Civic Mentoring is an extension of Project Stewardship with a separate fee structure. Young adults who are not Project Stewardship participants can also enroll in our mentoring program based on individual needs. Our Guidance Services may accompany Project Stewardship and/or Civic Mentoring to help young adults transition successfully into new chapters of their lives.

You may contact our Project Administrator to learn more.

Civic Mentoring Application

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  • Mentoring Sessions

  • Our 24-week mentoring program is offered during spring and fall seasons. Mentoring sessions are two hours each and are scheduled Monday-Friday and/or Saturdays or Sundays based on request and availability.
  • $100 discount if registering for 2x per week.
  • $100 discount if registering for 2x per week
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  • Please download and sign the Terms of Agreement for the Civic Mentoring program. You may upload the signed form above, or mail it to The Children's Sangha, P.O. Box 1266, Bellmore, NY 11710.
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