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The Community Support Group is a bridge to understanding the “whole child” and the fact that we all learn differently as reflected in our Different Abilities Development Model. The group was established in 2008 to introduce parents and educators to the work of Dr. Ross W. Greene and his approach for working with children who exhibit behavioral challenges entitled Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS), formerly known as Collaborative Problem Solving. This approach, initially presented through Dr. Greene’s books: The Explosive Child and Lost At School, was developed to help our young people solve problems and build lagging skills together with their parents and educators. CPS is applicable to everyone as articulated in Dr. Green’s most recent books: Raising Human Beings and Lost and Found!

A subsequent goal of The Community Support Group is to provide information about practices in progressive education that foster academic success while considering the social-emotional well-being of our children. Our young people have a range of different abilities and needs (as we all do!). They may be highly gifted and affected by a learning disability (defined as “2e: Twice Exceptional”) or have a specific learning disability such as Dyslexia or Dysgraphia in addition to being diagnosed with ADHD, Tourette or Asperger Syndrome. They may have different learning styles and/or be impacted by Anxiety or OCD. Therefore, in addition to learning and expanding upon knowledge of CPS, our Open Forum provides the opportunity to discuss alternative learning strategies and new tools to better assist in the education of all young people while balancing social-emotional wellness.

We feature clinical and educational professionals as facilitators who also participate in our Free To Be You and Me – Education Series. Our Community Support Group format is an Open Forum that may include video training modules created by Dr. Greene to further develop the skill of those who attend our meetings. Learning how to identify and resolve unsolved problems and recognize and improve lagging skills that interfere with academic performance, social relationships, or general life functioning can now be taken a step further! Participants may connect with one another through open discussion and receive resource information and support to help guide their specific needs.

Community Support Group meetings alternate monthly with our Free To Be You and Me – Education Series OR with special educational events scheduled seasonally.

In between, be sure to check out the Respecting, Responding To and Working With Our Long Island Kids specifically created for Community Support Group members and the local Long Island Community to learn more about CPS!

We welcome you to become part of a network of students, parents and professionals who understand that “children do well if they can” and play a role in building a collaborative community!

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