Different Abilities Development Model

The Children’s Sangha philosophy or “Different Abilities Development Model” is based on the fact that there is diversity in nature, and therefore in human nature, revealed through individual abilities, ideas, interests, needs and cultural identities. The common humanity and uniqueness of all children reflected in the “whole child” learning approach and principles of progressive education are found in our programs and consulting services “Where Different Abilities Come to Life!”. Cultivating the different abilities of our youth is critical for their success and the betterment of our society, while intricately bound to the well-being of Earth.

Components of our Different Abilities Development Model – Whole Child Philosophy include:

• Understanding the rights and duties of citizenship in a democratic society with civic responsibility as a form of stewardship for one another and Earth.
• Developing an “ecopsychological” mind-set where human interdependence with the natural environment is acknowledged as necessary for mental and physical well-being, supporting the learning community as a whole.
• Enabling higher level thinking skills through academic knowledge (theory) paired with hands-on, experiential learning (practice) to reach and teach all kinds of learners.
• Providing alternative pathways and project-based learning methods through a multi-sensory approach to the outdoors/nature, art, music, drama, and vocational crafts to encourage consistent participation and engagement in curriculum.
• Formulating interdisciplinary, strength-based learning with talent development opportunities to replace resistance to learning and increase performance through positive learning experiences.
• Supporting social-emotional health and self-determination while considering (and/or) addressing unsolved problems and building lagging skills.
• Establishing mentoring with peers and passion-sharing adults that promotes self/social acceptance and belonging with skill-building extensions as our young people begin to discover a place of wonder within themselves, others and the natural world.
• Creating a community of care, cooperation, and compassion where our youth are enabled to find meaning in learning, can grow at their developmental pace, and be valued for who they are and how they learn.

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