Educational Consulting For Parents & Schools


Through our Educational Consulting Services, we have found that developing a case program which helps transition students from year to year (and from teacher to teacher) can greatly impact each student’s level of academic success and social-emotional well-being. Planning of short-term and long-terms goals can be incorporated into our Customized Case Program in two ways:

We partner with schools to develop a customized case program for individual students who have abilities (i.e., giftedness) and/or disabilities (i.e., dyslexia) where strengths are not recognized or being fully utilized and areas of weakness are causing significant challenge. We enable incremental, measurable academic and social-emotional development by working with students as needed and through monthly consults and segment training of educators and other professionals utilizing components of the Free to Be You & Me – Education Series.

We assist families of children with a range of Different Abilities to address educational and social-emotional concerns and devise a plan to work with school personnel and community resources towards development of a customized case program. Guidance, recommendations and referrals are provided to assist with a variety of situations. Training through our Free To Be You & Me – Education Series serves as a road map for families towards positive student outcomes.

At a minimum, providing background information, what works and what doesn’t with a particular student, and starting the year off on the right foot can save countless hours of time and frustration for all involved. Ensuring that students are successful from the start versus another year of learned helplessness can save lives. We are grateful to have worked with some amazing educators who have been willing and able to view their students through new lenses and implement different ways for students to learn and express. We work with various community partners to provide the resources needed towards student well-being and success.

We also provide Instructional Services for Students to help identify the learning needs of students and create sessions that blend mentoring, tutoring and strategizing to build skills. Additionally, we offer Professional Guidance for Young Adults to prepare students for new chapters in their lives through a variety of means. Together, we can come up with solutions that enable all students to embrace their abilities and reach their full potential.

Christine Keller & a team of NAMI – Central Suffolk presenters have introduced the most recent NAMI in-service mental health education program, Parents & Ending the Silence for Schools to set the stage for working with students who struggle social-emotionally. This program helps educators and other school personnel better understand the warning signs of a variety of mental health challenges including anxiety disorders and depression and learn more about appropriate interventions. Additionally, it helps middle and high school students understand mental health challenges and the warning signs for themselves and their friends. NAMI programs raise awareness and change perceptions around mental health conditions. We share community resource information to continue the education process for professionals to assist families who might be in need of education and support.

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“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” —Dr. Seuss