February 10: Earth’s Crystals Workshop

We are happy to have Portia Ingram offer a workshop on Earth’s Crystals for our Project Stewardship group this month! Portia has been collaborating with The Children’s Sangha in various capacities over the last couple of years. She has long been involved with both special education and holistic wellness. Her focus on nature-based remedies led her to her latest endeavors with Loveabenaa.

During this Earth’s Crystals workshop, Portia will discuss the history, science and use of crystals by people around the world for healing purposes. Just as we learned about the sky/solar system during our planetarium outing, we will now explore what the Earth has to offer and how native people have all made the connection between sky and earth to understand our place in the universe. We will share some ancient mythology in this regard! Portia will bring in sample crystals for us to view and we will discuss their characteristics. This will be a fun and informative session! There will be time for socialization. Refreshments served.