Free To Be You & Me – Education Series

The Children’s Sangha’s Free to Be You and Me – Education Series is a selection of workshops for families and professional development for educators, organized into modules to cover inter-related content. Topics are taught by professionals in the fields of education and psychology. Topics include:

  • Nature’s Child – Whole Child
  • “Kids in the Middle” in Today’s Schools
  • Gifted & Twice Exceptional (2e) Defined
  • Hidden Strengths – Hidden Challenges
  • Resistance to Resilience
  • Collaborative & Proactive Solutions to Behavioral Challenges
    (that we all exhibit)
  • The Impact of Anxiety and OCD on Learning
  • Mindfulness and Mental Health
  • Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom
  • The Influence of Different Learning Styles on Effective Teaching Methods
  • Universal Design for Learning and How to Truly Differentiate Instruction
  • Assistive Technology Made Simple in Concert with the Curriculum
  • Implications of and Tools to Build Executive Function
  • Integrating Self-Regulated Strategy Development for Writing
  • About Multisensory Learning and Multisensory Reading Programs
  •  Diverse Study Skills and Note-Taking Strategies

For Students & Families

Workshops introduce individual students and their families to a variety of topics, learning methods and tools that can be instrumental in determining how each individual learns best and to help direct their own learning process to achieve greater success in accord with our Different Abilities Development Model. We strive to help restore meaning to learning and increase student potential and outcomes.

For Educators & Schools

Professional development is intended to apply and inspire! Courses are geared towards school educators and administrators, not to re-teach concepts already known, but to provide new focus towards successfully educating students with a range of different abilities (even in the wake of Common Core). The goal is to steer away from a one-size-fits-all structure to a more fluid and embracing mind-set where all students are valued. Case studies are used to showcase samples that might not typically be considered, but are prevalent. Remember, our students have a lot to teach us!

Request Additional Topics

We would like community input! Please use the space below to specify topics of interest to you. We will do our best to accommodate the needs of our students, families and schools.

[Art Courtesy of Glen Rabena]

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And laughing is heard on the hill,
My heart is at rest within my breast
And everything else is still.
—William Blake