Guidance For Young Adults


Guidance for Life, School and Career

The Children’s Sangha offers professional Guidance Services for young adults based on our Different Abilities Development Model. We often begin with participation in Project Stewardship, a program dedicated to enabling young people to become effective participants in their own learning, livelihoods and successes as part of a supportive and flexible learning community. We coordinate workshops, outings and volunteer opportunities in cooperation with our network of community partners. We then assist young people in taking experiences attained and formulating them into an action plan for life, school and career which can be paired with our Civic Mentoring Initiative, working one to one with a peer-mentoring for customized opportunities.

Our Guidance Services take the “whole person” into account and offers preparation strategies for young adults as they enter new chapters in their lives. Exposure to new concepts and access to diverse life experiences can be incorporated during resumé building, goal setting and transition planning.  Instruction in action-oriented problem solving towards current and future success and well-being is reflected. Guidance is based on the individual student’s strengths, interests, challenges, and needs while helping our youth to find, formulate and follow their bliss!

Other consulting services include Instructional Services for Students to introduce new learning methods and improve skills based on the indivdual abilities and needs of students. Our Educational Consulting for Parents and Schools helps bridge the gaps a student may be experiencing in their educational career while guiding those working with individual students in understanding what may be interfering with learning. Together, we can come up with solutions that enable all students to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.

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