Instructional Services For Students


Mentoring, Tutoring and Strategizing to Build Skills

Over the years in working with students who have a range of different abilities, needs, interests, ideas and cultural identities, The Children’s Sangha created our Different Abilities Development Model. It became clear that varying methods for differentiating instruction, allowing for different forms of expression, scaffolding content over time, providing additional background knowledge through an array of mediums, etc. are critical in enabling positive learning experiences.

The Children’s Sangha developed individualized services that identify the learning needs of students and offer sessions that blend mentoring, tutoring and strategizing to build skills which can accomplish short-term assignments and achieve long-term goals. Sessions address both academic and social-emotional components to help students to overcome academic blocks often caused by anxiety. Research-based and alternative learning methods and tools are utilized towards best outcomes. We are privileged to work with community partners to service the learning needs of students and leverage resources.

Other consulting services include Professional Guidance for Young Adults to prepare students for new chapters in their lives through variety of means. Additionally, we offer Educational Consulting for Parents and Schools to help bridge the gaps a student may be experiencing and to help those working with individual students to come to understand what is getting in the way of learning. Together, we can come up with solutions that enable all students to remedy underachievement and reach their full potential.

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“Anything that is worth teaching can be presented in many different ways. These multiple ways can make use of our multiple intelligences.” —Howard Gardner