June 20: Sangha Ed Center – Heart-Warming Party! [To Be Confirmed]

Considering COVID-19, we will confirm June programs or provide alternate plans to be posted before the start of June

The Children’s Sangha is now opening Sangha Education Center, “A Place of Wonder”. We look forward to opening our doors and hearts to the community! Come visit us in our first real home at historic Malcolm House!

DETAILS FORTHCOMING for our “Heart-Warming” Party- STAY TUNED!

MISSION: Where we educate the whole-learner by inspiring an interconnected understanding of self, others, and the natural world through mentoring and stewardship programs.

VISION: All learners are empowered in the spirit of wonder to find and follow their bliss as members of a warm and welcoming community environment.

VALUES: Cultivating strengths and minimizing anxiety through heart-centered learning programs, our youth develop a sense of well-being that opens up life opportunities not otherwise attained.

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