Long Island History In Your Own Backyard


Unlike the North Shore of Long Island, the South Shore has lost much of its open spaces to the detriment of those who live here and to the original farming and maritime cultures which once prospered in this area. In many ways, The Children’s Sangha hopes to extend the legacy of the Stevens Family of Bellmore and the local farming and maritime cultures of which they were a part. We will bridge the gap bringing our common Long Island history together via programs and consulting services.

Through connecting past to present, we wish to evoke a sense of wonder in adults and children alike, enabling all of us to become more compassionate and capable citizens, caretakers for the Earth and one another. We encourage community members to work with us and our community partners towards the preservation of open spaces and local history. We will be offering Long Island History in Your Own Backyard for the future of our children and communities.

Long Island History In Your Own Backyard

Long Island History in Your Own Backyard is an interdisciplinary program utilizing our local community history as the backdrop for connections to NYS curriculum on Long Island History, bringing it closer to home. The Children’s Sangha will partner with local school districts and integrate our program into the curriculum, offering on-site presentations in addition to field trips. Hands-on farming and related maritime themes will serve as tools for learning. Workshops will be made available to the general public.

History at a Glance

History at a Glance offers online exhibits reflecting the life and times of local families and the farming and maritime cultures to which they were connected. We will eventually offer self-guided tours with a preservations associate available to chat in order to answer questions on-line. In time, exhibits will be offered at a center for community education and wellness that we will establish. Artifacts, narratives and photographs will be “on display” in partnership with Long Island Traditions South Shore Estuary Project, Bellmore Memorial Library’s local history initiatives, and in collaboration with other community partners on both the North and the South Shores of Long Island.

One recent narrative that has been added to our collection: Timeline and Local Education History Reflection provides background about the history of education, its development in the Bellmores, connection to progressive education and some of the education issues being experienced today. It touches upon the importance of building a “collaborative community” and the role that The Children’s Sangha has been serving as reflected in our mission.

Historic Walking Tours


Historic Walking Tours will be coming soon and led from Sangha Education Center (to be located at a historic home in Nassau County). Tours will include the former Quaker and African American communities of Jericho, Wantagh and Old Bethpage (some said to be stops on the Underground Railroad). One pilot tour was created for our Project Stewardship young adult group during the Spring 2019 and will be expanded for the general public. You can read a blog, A Peek Into A Project Stewardship Outing – History Tour of Old Jericho Turnpike written by one of our peer-mentors, Mellisa Watson, about her experience on the tour! A narrative Long Island and the Underground Railroad written by our local youth historian, Justin Ellis provides some background about the time, place and people, those from whom we have much to learn.

If interested in learning more about Long Island History in Your Own Backyard, History at a Glance or Historic Walking Tours, please contact us below.

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