March 27: Community Support Group [Dr. Greene’s Podcast]

UPDATE: In lieu of our in-person Community Support Group, we were planning to provide a Zoom session this month due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But, since Dr. Greene is offering a postcast “Collaboration in Trying Times”, we decided to refer you to this on-line opportunity!

DESCRIPTION: Collaboration and empathy have never been more important. But let’s get practical: school is closed, your kids are home, and you need some guidance! Listen in on this special edition of Parenting Your Challenging Child!

ACCESS: PODCAST: Collaboration in Trying Times / To ask questions or make comments during the live program, call 347-994-2981 (then press 1) OR submit questions via Lives in the Balance Contact Form. Take this time to watch other recorded Lives in the Balance podcasts that can assist you with your child or student.

PREVIOUS POST: The Children’s Sangha established our Community Support Group in 2008. It has been our privilege to educate and support parents and professionals embarking on the CPS journey on behalf of our young people! CPS = the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions approach developed by Dr. Ross W. Greene (

This month, we are happy to offer a CPS Roundtable with veteran CPS moms who have journey’s to inspire! For those new to CPS, we will provide resource information on the plans/steps and answer any questions you may have about lagging skills and unsolved problems with which you family or school may be experiencing difficulty. Then, in May, Dr. Lisa LoPinto will be back to provide a more indepth overview of the CPS approach and again, guide you on this shared journey.

Feel free to view the Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems Sheet and bring a completed copy to the meeting for guidance.

Christine Keller, who has received advanced training in the CPS approach, facilitates our group and is often joined by either Dr. Monica DeSchryver or Dr. Lisa LoPinto, certified CPS providers. Questions about how to apply CPS in the home or school setting are are common topics. Learn how to view challenging behavior through new lenses and navigate problem situations. Connect with one another through open discussion and obtain resource information and support. Young adults may also participate!