May 29: Mindful Journaling Workshop [via Zoom]

Mindful Journaling uses light writing and art activities to “Learn More About Me”. This workshop is designed to help individuals cultivate stillness and peace within towards establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship with themselves, help to better communicate feelings, process thoughts, and foster a healthy connection with the world around them.

In this workshop we will practice a 4-step system to help connect with and process feelings which includes breathing techniques to calm the mind, identifying how we feel while defining the types of feelings we are having, and recognizing the source of the feeling. Then, using an artistic exercise that incorporates writing and drawing with color, participants will reconnect with the things that bring them joy in life. The class will end with a guided visualization and meditation with focus on guided breathing with nature scenes exploring colors and sounds to engage all senses.

Please have the following supplies available for this Zoom session: Notebook or a journal, a pen or pencil, colored markers or colored pencils. You may also use colored construction paper, if you choose (in which case you will also need scissors and glue).

Take-home activities to further the experience include: keeping a “grounding my feelings journal” using color codes for the week to identify feelings while engaging in a artistic rainbow expression at the end of the week to see how your feelings flowed (sample to be provided). And writing and art cathartic expressions tools to help slow down thoughts, stay present in the moment, discover hidden thoughts and feelings that may be enabling unhealthy habit loops, and establish new and healthy ones. There will be follow-up to see how the workshop and take-home activities work for participants (June 20th) and determine steps for a tips and a review session during Fall 2020.

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