October 14: Seal Watching Tour

Our Project Stewardship young adult group will take a seal watching boat excursion out of Freeport. The tour is offered by Freeport Water Taxi and Tours. They recommend tours between October through April, the time period when seals are finding mates and having pups before heading up north.

Since seals are a migratory species that migrate into our area in large part due to water temperature an availability of food, we cannot know exactly when they will arrive or leave our area. The tour will enable us to see other wildlife in our Long Island waterways as we move out to seal territory. We will be on a 44 foot catamaran boat in the bay (not the ocean).

This will be an enjoyable outing! And although the weather may still be warm, it is October, so please wear pants and bring a jacket. You may also bring water, snack or lunch.