October 27: Helpful Planner Creative Writing

We are happy to have Portia Ingram back with us this season to offer a workshop for our Project Stewardship group! As some of you know, Portia has been collaborating with The Children’s Sangha in various capacities over the last few years. She has long been involved with both special education and holistic wellness. Her focus on nature-based remedies led her to her latest endeavors with Loveabenaa. And, she has written a workbook entitled “The Helpful Planner” that will be used in this workshop session!

This little planner is intended to condition brains towards “help awareness”. When growing, planning, and executing our ideas, it’s important to understand where our resources lie and what we can self source. The Helpful Planner was created to help get your dream out of your head and prepare it for take-off!  The goal is to let this planner take away the intimidation of manifesting those magical ideas so you can bring them to life!

This will be a fun and informative session with hands-on, creative writing which will be a follow up to our first workshop of the season… Vision Board Creation with Gaetane Martin! Those who attended the Vision Board Creation, can bring their vision boards with them to this session to utilize. There will be time for socialization. Refreshments served.