September 22: Fall Equinox Astrology Workshop

Every year there are two equinoxes and two solstices which mark the start of each new season. For millennia, these four turning points have played important roles in human culture, expressed through myths and tradition. The Autumn Equinox is a time to harvest the bounty from the seeds you planted during the Spring Equinox.

This month, we are happy to have Jasmine Hall, a former intern and special educator, with us to do an Astrology Workshop for the Fall Equinox! We will learn more about this seasonal turning point and how it impacts our lives on the inside and outside. We will do fun, creative group activities to gain insight about astrology, ourselves and others… The art and science of which will be of interest to our participants!

To begin the Fall season on a positive note, we will also have two of the young people in our Civic Mentoring program share about their experiences of the Spring (via a Story Map and Web Site they have created!). And, we will welcome some new Project Stewardship members!

Time for socialization. Refreshments served.

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