September 29: Vision Board Creation

We are happy to have Gaetane Martin in to our Project Stewardship young adult program to guide us in a Vision Board Workshop! Gaetane is a feng shui consultant, life coach and artist who has worked with adults and young people over the years to help them manifest their reality! Based on the feng shui “bagua”, young people will select approximately three areas of focus from the following nine towards their vision boards: family, growth/knowledge, health/well-being, career/work success, travel/helpful people, children/creativity, power/wealth, fame/reputation, love/relationship.

We will utilize what we learn about ourselves including our goals, interests, and dreams when creating vision boards towards our “Helpful Planner” workshop in October.  The two processes go hand-in-hand in revealing who we are and what we would like to do and become. Our young people have so many abilities that are important to recognize as they move into the next chapters of their lives.

This will be a fun and informative session with hands-on, creative activities! Participants should bring any magazines, catalogs or images that they would like to use. We will also have some images and words as well as the art supplies needed. There will be time for socialization. Refreshments served.