The Children’s Sangha 2015 Thank You!

We would like to take this time to thank those of you who have been participating in our programs, services, workshops, and events! Some of you have been involved with The Children’s Sangha since its inception in 2003 and others more recently. In either case, it has been an honor to grow and learn together while being of service to your families! Just a few items to mention in closing this season and preparing for the next:

  • We are grateful to those who attended and enjoyed Family Wellness Day with us! As you may be aware, photos taken have been posted on The Children’s Sangha’s NEW Facebook Page… We truly appreciate the assistance of our volunteers (Jasmine, Honour, Allie, Theresa, Yakeema, and Dalwinder). We also want to acknowledge special guest performances by Brianna and David! And, we could not have had this event without the gifts of inspiration provided by our Community Partners!
  • On our NEW Facebook Page we have just created a Community Partner Album. We have always worked as a collaborative community with other organizations that care about the well-being of our youth, families, communities, and Earth. As we continue to partner on programs, services, workshop and events, we will be sure to add our Community Partner contact information to this album as a resource for you! Those who gave of their time for Family Wellness Day are already listed there! Be sure to check out this album!
  • Project Stewardship is a program that we introduced last year. It has been our pleasure to be able to guide young adults in finding and following their “bliss”. We look forward to offering upcoming summer volunteer experiences with The Children’s Sangha itself and with our Community Partners! We will share Project Stewardship photos on Facebook soon as well! Look forward to seeing some of you at The Garden at St. Francis (formerly The Garden at St. Marks) this summer!
  • Last, but not least… Congratulations to those of our young people who have graduated from high school this year! It has been a journey for many of you with challenges and successes. Be assured that The Children’s Sangha and those involved with The Long Island Progressive Education Alliance (one branch of our organization) will continue to work on behalf of young people through our programs, services and NEW education reform initiatives beginning with our IMAGINE campaign in the coming year! You have all worked so hard and we are very proud of your steadfast resolve to do your best!

And, to all… Enjoy your summer!!

Christine, The Children’s Sangha staff, and members of the Long Island Progressive Education Alliance