Young Adult Programs

Plan ahead for Spring 2020! View our Young Adult Programs & Services Flyer and our Programs & Services “Quicklist” to learn about our Projects Stewardship and Civic Mentoring programs that EMPOWER and INSPIRE our youth!

Projects Stewardship provides enriched learning experiences for young adults of all ages and serves as a bridge to understanding self, others and the natural world. Our program participants meet twice monthly for a workshop and an outing in addition to embarking on volunteer placements with The Children’s Sangha and our community partners. Our young people have the opportunity to build skills, make new friends, and embark on a life-enhancing educational journey outside of the classroom.

Through Civic Mentoring, our peer-mentors utilize a Skills Development Plan that establishes goals to help mentees build a range of skills from executive function and social communications to leadership skills. Opportunities are also directed towards college and career preparation and readiness. Interests are the entry point… helping young people to find and follow their bliss!

We also offer Guidance Services to accompany the above programs and have recently implemented a new Student Leadership Partnership with which our young people can become involved.

Contact us to discuss your teen or young adult’s particular situation and determine next steps! REGISTRATION begins in January in preparation for Spring (which runs February through June).